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Where our Patients Realize Their Dreams

Thanks for considering our Team to be your oral health care provider!

 When you join our practice family, we promise to:

 •  Always make you feel welcome. 

 •  Always provide a clean and fresh environment.

•   Always listen to you.

 •  Always respond promptly to your needs.

 •  Always give you service that will make you want to return.

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Please use this website as a resource for information to help you become more familiar with how the Center for Advanced Dentistry serves the oral health care needs of our Spokane community.

Our website illustrates the principle that "we've thought of the details, so you don't have to."


Touch the future.

We keep current with the latest techniques to provide the best care. For example, we brought the "light" touch of Laser Dentistry to the Pacific Northwest. Ours was also the first practice in the United States to have invested in a comprehensive Sterile Water System to insure patient safety. We were the first to utilize air abrasion, the first to offer Dentistry without Drills, the first to employ Laser Cavity Detection and among the first to offer Digital Radiography (X-rays)Same Day Crownsand BOTOX for TMD & Migraine headaches. (Click on this link to learn more: Touch The Future).  In addition, our practice has a strong commitment to Go Green!

Click on any of the links listed below (or on any of the selections within the drop-down menus of the Brochures and Laser Dentistry Brochures tabs at the top of this page) to learn how you can touch the future at The Spokane Center for Advanced Dentistry.  Or, click on this link to read our Patient Reviews.

Touch the Future


    Our team.

    Our team is superbly trained, and their highest priority is to make sure that you are comfortable during your visits and to see that all of your needs and concerns are addressed. (Click on this link to learn more about What Our Patients Say About Us).


    Office hours.

    We see patients Monday through Wednesday, as early as 6:30 a.m., through the noon hour, and on into the afternoon. If our patients experience emergencies, every effort is made to give them an appointment at their earliest convenience. After hours, we provide both telephone consultation and care. Someone is always "on call" to assist our patients. (Click on this link to schedule Appointments).

    Investing in your oral health.

    Our patients are able to choose from the best options available because we take care to develop mutually agreed-upon treatment plans through co-diagnosis & co-treatment, after which our business manager helps to make financial arrangements with which everyone feels comfortable.


    We handle claims submission for our patients with dental insurance.  Our office works with and accepts all dental insurance plans. For specific information regarding your plan, please contact our business office and insurance coordinator. (Click on this link to learn All About Insurance).


    As we get to know each other.

    We welcome questions from our patients regarding treatment or fees. Before beginning procedures, we want our patients to be familiar with every aspect of their care, and to be comfortable with their decision to move forward. (Click on this link to Contact Us).



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